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PWM Solar Charge Controller

30A solar street/garden lighting controller

Solar Charge Controller is a photovoltaic (PV) charge controller that tracks the PV array to deliver the available current for charging batteries. When charging, the Controller regulates battery voltage and output current based on the amount of energy available from the PV array and state-of-charge of the battery.

Battery Voltage
Battery Voltage
Charging Current
Charging Current
Charging Current
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Home Solar System

300w/500w/1Kw/2Kw/3kw Home system

3-Stage Charging Way

Constant Current/Constant Coltage/Float Charge

Light&Time Control

Light&Time Control function for time saving

Model NV12V030
System Voltage 12/24V AUTO
Max PV input voltage 50VDC
Max.Charge Current 30A
Float Charge 13.7/27.4V
Boost Charge 14.5/29V
Temp.Compensation YES
Charging model PWM
Other function Light control with time control
LED Indicator 3 LED indicators for different charge status
Dimension 16.5×10×4.4cm(L×W×H)
N.W/unit 0.35Kg
QTY/Ctn 50pcs
Packing Gift Box
Meas./Ctn 56.2×35.5×31cm
Warranty 12 Months