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MPPT Solar Charge Controller

10A MPPT solar charge controller

NOVA Maximum Power Point Tracking(MPPT) Solar Charge Controller is aphotovoltaic (PV) charge controller that tracks the maximum power point of a PVarray to deliver the maximum available current for charging batteries. The charge controller can be used with 12, 24, 48 DC battery systems , Max PV input 150V .

Battery Voltage
Battery Voltage
Charging Current
Charging Current
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Home Solar System

300w/500w/1Kw/2Kw/3kw Home system

3-Stage Charging Way

Constant Current/Constant Coltage/Float Charge

High Efficiency

MPPT efficiency>99%, Peak conversion efficiency>98%

MPPT Solar Charge Controller
Model MPPT-10
Max.Charge Current 10A
System Voltage 12V 24V
Max Solar Panel Voltage 25V 50V
Panel Voltage Tracking Range 12-25V 24-50V
Full Charge Cut 14V 28V
Charging Mode Maximum Power Point Tracking(MPPT)
Temp.Compensation NO
Dimension 18.8×9.5×5.5cm(L×W×H)
N.W./unit 0.52kg
QTY/Ctn 24Pcs
Packing Gift box
Carton Size/Weight 45×29×36cm,18Kgs
Warranty 12 Months