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All in one solar inverter

1000W MPPT solar inverter

1000W Inverter with Built-in – MPPT 20A

The 1000W LCD display mppt Solar Inverter is a system designed especially for home, mobile solar electrical appliances and fixed small size solar electrical appliances. It is composed of 1000W pure sine wave solar power inverter and 20A MPPT LCD display solar controller.

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DC Input Input Battery Voltage DC12V DC24V
  Low Battery Alarm DC 10.5~11.5V,21.5~23V
Auto Low Battery Shutdown DC 9.5~10.5V,20.5~22V
Inverter AC output Rated Power 1000W
Peak Power 2000W
Output Voltage 110V 220V
Output Wave form Pure Sine Wave
Output Frequency P50/60HZ±3
Output Efficiency 90%
Protection Function High-voltage,low voltage,over-load,temp and short-circuit protection
DC output USB port 2.1A
DC12V port 5A
Cigarette lighter 15A
Built-in Solar Charge Controller Rated charge current 20a
Charge mode MPPT(maximum power point tracking)
MPPT efficiency ≥99.5%
System type DC12V or 24V system
Max PV input voltage(VOC) DC100V
High input voltage protection point DC100V
High input voltage recovery point DC95V
Automatic Temperature Compensation 14.2V-(highest temperature-25℃)*0.3
Control mode ON/OFF mode,Dual time control mode,PV&Time control mode,PV voltage control mode
Suitable batteries Flooded,Sealed lead acid,Gel battery.Other types of the batteries can also be defined
LCS display System type,PV input voltage,PV input current,day,month,total generation power,battery type,battery voltage,charging current,charging power,discharge current,discharge power and so on