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NOVA Solar Pump System for Agricultural Irrigation in Saudi Arabia

Mar 6th, 2019 Posted by : admin

At present, the irrigation projects in Saudi Arabia are driven by diesel engines and electricity. However, with the high price of diesel oil and the lack of power resources, the agricultural development in Saudi Arabia is seriously restricted, and most crops lack effective irrigation water supply.
Saudi Arabia is rich in solar energy resources, which also determines that Saudi Arabia is committed to the development of solar energy, NOVA Selections is committed to the combination of photovoltaic and agriculture, bringing good news to farmers all over the world suffering from irrigation.

In the projects ,the total lift of the project is 80 meters, with 120 tons of water per day. It is used to irrigate 800 m² of sandy land around the project site to ensure the demand for water for crops. The successful installation of NOVA 10HP photovoltaic water supply system in Saudi Arabia has changed the local irrigation conditions, greatly facilitated the Saudi people, and significantly improved the local living standard and income level.

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